In nine days, Team Clean Victory will be sponsoring NPC’s Muscle Mayhem Championships in Overland Park, Kansas. Right down the road from Kansas City, the event draws athletes from around the country and brings in an immense audience.

We will not only be sponsoring the event and selling Stage One but we will also be supporting two of our own at the show, Leon Lamphear and Sam Schneider. Leon, one of our co-founders, and Sam, a Clean Victory ambassador, will be taking the stage along with other athletes who have all poured days, weeks, and months of hard work and dedication into this show to reach their physical pinnacle of success. We are ecstatic to witness their perseverance pay off.

The 2016 Muscle Mayhem Championships will include competitors from around the country competing in several different areas: bodybuilding, classic physique, fitness, figure, bikini, and physique. This won’t be the first time that this competition has taken place. In 1989, Chad and Kim Nicholls started Muscle Mayhem with the intent to offer competition environments that were friendly and positive and kept the athlete at the focal point. Using perspectives from their own fitness journeys (Kim herself has competed and placed in multiple Arnold Classic and Ms. Universe Competitions) they continue today to provide excellent opportunities for people to showcase their hard work.

“For us, the athletes are the stars and they will always be treated as such! Catering to the needs of the athletes, making them feel special, always being available to help them, and creating the most positive competitive atmosphere and experience possible, is our way of saying “thank you” to the athletes for their patronage and support of the NPC and of our promotions!”

-Chad Nicholls, Muscle Mayhem

 So bring on the muscle, and bring on the Mayhem!