Think about all the times you thought you’d reached the pinnacle of a workout before pushing yourself just a little bit harder. That’s what Clean Victory is all about. One more set, one more rep, one last lap.

We are about being true to ourselves by being true to our bodies. That means being honest about the ingredients and formulas you’ll find in our supplements.

We started Clean Victory with a simple goal, to provide fellow fitness enthusiasts with products that work. Our products are properly dosed and contain ingredients of the highest quality – and we don’t hide those dosages or ingredients. We spent years wasting money on supplements that fell short of our desires, so we decided to make our own – ones that give us everything that we want.

We started out by doing research on the very supplements that we took, quickly becoming agitated by their proprietary blends. What could be so secretive that these brands would need to hide how much of one ingredient they put in their products and we would be putting into our bodies? 

More often than not, we were receiving way too much of one thing (caffeine and beta-alanine) and not enough of the other ingredients – those that create the healthy balance that our bodies need to perform.

These shortcomings aren’t something that we found only in pre-workouts, but across the supplement industry. From proteins being spiked with amino acids, to fat burners not using enough of the active ingredients to fully benefit their users.

The Clean Victory team will continue to post through this blog, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and any whatever channel we find next. We want you to know and understand for yourself why our products will bring you one rep, one step and one lap closer to exceeding your goals and helping you accomplish your Clean Victories.

We look forward to developing a complete range premium supplements to help you live a more fit, healthy life.